"Love for all what is natural and authentic"

The House

The seventies’ stone structure belongs to a shepherd and farmers family since many generations ago. This house is characterized by the charm and the love for all what is natural and authentic, without any ostentation.
Composed by an open kitchen facing the dining room and the living room with its two big windows this area gieves a divine outlook the mountains.
The house offers two bedrooms and one bathroom.
The interiors reflect the surrounding nature and the landscape. The wood and the stone are the leitmotif in all the rooms. The ceiling rafters have been left visible in way to maintain the original raw, fresh and delightful ancient atmosphere.

The wood

Suggestive wooden stoves characterize the living area, the furniture have been restored in shabby chic style. White colour in all its nuances characterises all the chairs, the sofas, the commodes, the tables. Antiques objects and tissues are strewn all over the house giving a romantic touch to the country house.
In the charming garden everything is ready for a cup of tea or to read a book in complete peace and tranquillity.
The countryside and wood’s magic fascinate each traveller who gets to the village for a unique stay.

We are very near to the comforts but in a unique, charming, peaceful atmosphere...